Sales / Marketing Director

Weyburn Red Wings

Advertise sponsorship packages. Obtain and maintain relationships with sponsors throughout the year.
Manage overall partner / sponsor relationships including strategic planning, revenue growth targets and all operations necessary to profitably retain, grow and service the Red Wing organization.
Liaise with community/ sponsors to ensure sponsor activities / deliverables are being met.

Be responsible for coordinating all advertisements for Weyburn Red Wings events and activities.
Coordinate the annual team photos
Create a detailed marketing and budgetary report. Submit monthly to the board meeting and to the strategic planning meeting.
Create new marketing campaigns to present to new sponsors.

Be involved in creating, following and marketing a detailed fundraising schedule.
Create a detailed fundraising report after each event. Submit monthly to board meetings and to the strategic planning meeting.

With assistance, manage and maintain ongoing updates and content creation for Weyburn Red Wings website, social media strategy, publications, marketing, and branding initiatives.
-Plan and execute game day operations for Weyburn Red Wings home games, which includes organizing in-game promotions, 7th man, mini games, game day script and more.
Lead planning of special events, fan and sponsor involvement on game day.
Collaborate with staff with creative ideas and methods to enhance overall Weyburn Red Wings game day experience.
Promote, sell and record all game tickets sold.
With assistance from staff, manage and create community involvement campaigns. Organize player volunteering and public events.
-All gameday equipment is prepared. Loading of ads for screen. Etc.
-Promote the use of Room D.
Jointly manage and operate the Weyburn Red Wings website and social media accounts.
Write and send out press releases

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Sales / Marketing Director

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