Rhonda looking for a babysitter or nanny – babysitting job in Sydney

  • Full Time
  • Sydney


Im a mom of 3 special needs children. Would like to have someone thats experienced working with special needs children and using visuals.

Some personal care required. Trying to get them on the bus so if I can then I dont need pick up but ifI cant get them on the bus then they will need to be picked up at 2pm at cusack school which is not far from me, and watch them until like 430-5ish as Im going backTo school in sept and my school ends at 5pm in the Peir.

My son usually stays in his room on his game but needs reminding two go to the bathroom, he has a learning disability cant remember what they called it, And my girls just play in the living room on there tablets or with there toys both girls have autism and are non verbal and both need reminders two keep clothes on. One of the girls use the potty all the time but the other one still doesnt wanna be toilet trained, also have 1 puppy that are very playful dont bite or anything and 2 cats that stay in sons room