Flooring, baseboard, underlayment 1000sqft. 400$ total firm.


Total contract price is $400 firm, no negotiation.

Below is the full contract:
1000 sqft flooring, full house. vinyl plank flooring, 2 stairs with 13 steps each that is total of 26 steps. 9 rooms, 4 corridors (some corridors are small in size).
Put all the baseboards as well.
Put underlayment before putting the flooring.
Put all the T-moulding and the stair nosing.
Before putting the flooring, remove the shoe moulding/quarter trim wherever required.

Flooring, put down that door near the washroom, remove its carpet and nails and floor it.

Remove the staples and nails from the floors (main floor, upper floor, basement floors, stairs)

There are some items of the tenant which might need to be moved for completing the flooring work.
Any work arising for completing the contract will be considered part of the contract.
There are nails, which need to be removed.
Don’t ask for any partial payment.
Basement must be first completed.
Dont use any tenant items.
No partial payment, you get your money only after the full work is completed.
Time to complete the contract is 2 days. Work can be done only on Saturday and Sunday from 10AM to 10PM.
The contractor must bring their own tools. All flooring materials are provided by the owner.