Anglophone West School District

Qualified candidates will be placed on the EST-R Eligibility List, this competition is only for those people who are seeking a change in their current EST-R placement or would like to enter the role.

Only applicants who meet the following screening criteria for items i and ii will be placed on the eligibility list for EST-R .

i. Have a Master’s degree (Exceptionalities or other related field) or

Enrolled in a current Master’s program (Exceptionalities or another related field) with an established completion date.


Possess a valid NB Teachers Certificate 5 or 6

iii. Have courses in standardized assessments (optional – for information purposes only)


Have EECD Autism Level 1 or Level 2 training (optional – for information purposes only)

Mandatory Documents:

Resume & Cover Letter – Can be uploaded before clicking the Apply button.

Autism Certificates – Uploaded to the Certificates and Diplomas folder (optional only)

Other Assessment Certificates – Uploaded to the Certificates and Diplomas folder.

Transcripts – Uploaded to the Transcripts folder.