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Nissan INFINITI Richmond

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The Applewood Auto Group is looking for a full-time Warranty Administrator/Dispatcher to take care of our Applewood Nissan INFINITI Richmond location. This will be a hybrid role between Warranty Administrator and Dispatcher/Tower Operator.

To achieve this, you must have a strong knowledge of the services offered and warranty processes. A Strong attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines is a must have to be successful in this role.

Role & Responsibilities:

Warranty Administrator:

Handling Warranty Claims: A warranty Administrator is responsible for handling customer warranty claims. This involves reviewing and verifying warranty eligibility, processing warranty paperwork, and submitting claims to the manufacturer or distributor.
Coordinating with Manufacturers and Distributors: Warranty Administrators work closely with manufacturers and distributors to ensure smooth processing of warranty claims. They communicate with them to gather necessary information, resolve any issues, and reconcile warranty claims accordingly.
Managing Warranty Documentation: It is the responsibility of a warranty clerk to manage and maintain warranty documentation. They organize and keep track of warranty records, ensuring that all required documents are properly filed and easily accessible when needed.
Service Advisor Customer Assistance: Warranty Administrators interact with service advisor regarding warranty-related inquiries and concerns. They aid in understanding warranty terms and conditions, explain claim procedures, and assist in addressing customer questions or complaints in a professional and timely manner.
Collaborating with Other Departments: Warranty Administrators often collaborate with other departments within the dealership, such as service and parts departments. They coordinate with these departments to obtain necessary information, facilitate repairs covered under warranty, and ensure proper documentation of warranty work.


Managing workflow: The internal service advisor/tower operator is responsible for overseeing the completion of repair orders, pre-delivery inspections, and checks in a timely manner to meet production goals.
Coordinating repairs: They dispatch work to technicians, ensuring that promise times are met and that the appropriate repairs are carried out.
Writing repair orders: Internal service advisors write internal service repair orders for both new and used cars, documenting the necessary repairs and maintenance required.
Customer service: They greet customers, listen to their needs, and help them determine the necessary repairs and relevant costs. They may also schedule appointments as needed.
Maintaining knowledge: Internal service advisors stay up-to-date with the latest information about vehicles, repairs, and industry trends to provide accurate information and recommendations to customers.


Warranty Administrator:

Warranty Claims Accuracy: This category assesses the accuracy of warranty claims processed by the administrator. It can include criteria such as the completeness and correctness of information provided, adherence to warranty guidelines, and proper documentation.
Timeliness of Claim Processing: This category focuses on the efficiency and speed of processing warranty claims. It can include criteria such as the average time taken to review and approve/deny claims, adherence to established timelines, and prompt communication with customers and manufacturers.
Claim Approval Rate: This category measures the percentage of warranty claims approved by the administrator. It can include criteria such as the ability to evaluate claims based on warranty terms and conditions, adherence to manufacturer guidelines, and minimizing instances of invalid or fraudulent claims.
Customer Satisfaction: This category assesses customer satisfaction with the warranty claim process. It can include criteria such as prompt and clear communication, professionalism, responsiveness, and overall customer experience. Customer feedback through surveys or ratings can be used to measure this aspect.
Cost Control: This category evaluates the administrator’s ability to control costs associated with warranty claims. It can include criteria such as minimizing expenses related to parts, labor, and other warranty-related costs, ensuring accurate reimbursement calculations, and identifying opportunities for cost savings.

Repair Order Cycle Time: This measures the time it takes from when a repair order is opened to when it is closed. It reflects the efficiency of the advisor in coordinating repairs and ensuring timely completion.
Customer Satisfaction: This KPI measures the level of customer satisfaction with the service provided by the internal service advisor. It can be determined through customer surveys, ratings, and feedback.
Technician Efficiency/Productivity: This KPI measures the productivity and efficiency of the technicians working under the internal service advisor. It includes metrics such as the number of repair orders completed per day or the average time taken to complete a repair
Sales/Service Revenue: This KPI measures the revenue generated through upselling additional services or parts recommended by the internal service advisor. It reflects their ability to identify and communicate additional repair needs to customers.
Service Department Utilization: This KPI measures the utilization of the service department’s capacity or available labor hours. It assesses how effectively the internal service advisor schedules and assigns work to maximize the use of resources.

What You’ll Bring:

Must provide a valid Class 5 Driver’s License with a clean driver’s abstract
An excellent work ethic
Top-notch customer service
Strong Attention to Detail and Ability to meet deadlines.
A Can do attitude, Find a way to Say Yes!

Why should you work for Applewood?

Ongoing training and career development opportunities.
Supportive and collaborative team environment.
Team Member discounts on automotive services and purchases.
We stand out from the rest because we are TRULY PASSIONATE about cars!
10 dealerships and counting to work alongside and grow with
Group events, Applewood Family Day, Xmas party, BBQs, and more
We support local communities, sports teams, and charities.

Our Core Values

Best-in-Class Experience: We are committed to delivering a Best-in-Class experience to every team member and client that walks through our doors.

Find a Way to Say Yes: We take full ownership, embracing the responsibility to “Make Things Better.”

Team Beats with One Heart: We are a close-knit group of professionals working towards the same goal of driving excellence in everything we do.


If you are looking for a new challenge and are ready to take your career to the next level, This may be the right fit for you!

Go to our website to see more about our company and the many reasons why you will want to work for us!

We do thank all applicants in advance, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Thank you for your interest!